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Posted Friday, June 8, 2018

Please contact the local at sknight@uwindsor.ca

Interested individuals should respond by Friday, June 15, 2018



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April, 2016

Schedule April 25-May1 doc

Schedule April 25-May1 PDF

Schedule for next week in Housekeeping and Food Service. You can also log into your uwin account to check the schedules for the summer.

Remember that green tagged safety shoes must be worn if you are working inn housekeeping

Sick line for housekeeping is 519-253-3000 ext 2480

Sick line for Food services is, someone please post the numbers for me…



University of Windsor to outsource more custodial jobs

The University of Windsor is contracting out janitorial duties at six of its buildings, says the union that represents the hourly employees who do the work.

The change takes effect next Monday, CUPE Local 1001 says.

John Coleman, the school’s director of public affairs and communications said no one would lose their jobs as a result of the decision.

“The (janitors) are going to be involved in other areas of campus,” Coleman said. “It’s going back to the budget and the demand for custodial services. The university is looking towards enhancing services for all students and staff.”

“The important thing to remember is no one is going to be losing their jobs,” he said. “We’re trying to use the budget we have as effectively as possible and to use staff as effectively as possible.”

Jeff Martin, the president of CUPE Local 1001, said he was told the university’s decision was the result of absenteeism from some employees, but Coleman said he wasn’t aware of that.

The union says the move affects work at Dillon Hall, Clark Residence, Alumni Hall, the Medical Education Building and the Toldo GLIER and ELIP buildings.

More at the link below

University of Windsor to outsource custodial jobs





Attention all CUPE 1001 members, the following link is to the University of Windsor local 1001 job postings on the University of Windsor website. You don’t need to sign into your uwin account in order to be able to see the postings. Please make sure to check the postings at the various bulletin boards at work as some postings might not be posted online for whatever reasons.

University of Windsor CUPE 1001 Job Postings




On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, CUPE 1001 held it’s general, biannual elections. Thank you to outgoing President, Trina Durham for doing a wonderful job as president during your tenure. The following is a list of members that were elected or re-elected. Some positions remain vacant and will be filled at a later date. A vacancy had recently opened up on the Wellness Committee and was filled after elections took place.

New Executive

Jeff Martin- President
Milka Vasic- Vice President
Satrina Durham- Recording Secretary
Mark Bentley- Secretary Treasurer
Joe Dicaro- Sergeant At Arms
Dave Montgomery- Chief Steward


Maintenance Dept: Mike Mazza

Grounds Dept.: To be decided

FT Custodial Days: To be decided

Afternoons on Midnights: Christina McGugan

Midnights: David Montgomery

Housekeeping Full Time: To be decided

Housekeeping Part Time: Maureen Brennan

Food Services Full Time: Mike Bezaire, Sabrina Montgomery

Food Services Part Time: Gerri Greenwood, Kelly Stach, Dan Rutherford

Food Services Part Time Weekends: Nancy Kerr

Wellness Committee Chair: Maureen Brennan

3 Year Union Trustee: To be decided


OUWCC (Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee)

A vacancy had recently opened up for a OUWCC representative/contact for CUPE 1001. Sean Pinnegar has been appointed as the representative for local 1001. The following is what the OUWCC rep does and the goals of the OUWCC


OUWCC- What we do

The Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee is a voluntary association representing more than 30,000 members working in the university sector. We work in a wide range of academic and support roles, including security, parking, skilled trades, clerical and administrative positions, caretaking, food services, groundskeeping, research, technical and library workers, sessional instructors, teaching assistants and post-doctoral students.

Most work directly for the province’s universities, although some work for contractors on campuses.
OUWCC coordinates university bargaining and province-wide political action on university issues, and facilitates information-sharing between locals. We host an annual spring conference, where we democratically determine our action plan.


Fall 2014

Where’s The Funding for Ontario’s Universities?
CUPE presents the WTF Campaign by OUWCC (Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee.

Following election and run-off election in the June 17th GMM, the office of president of Local 1001 is now sister Satrina Durham, with DJ Strand taking her place as Recording Secretary. Congratulations to both and thanks to all those who stood.
President of Local 1001, Karen Kehoe, has submitted her resignation from the office of president effective June 17, 2014. As a result, the June 2014 General Membership Meeting will include an election for the office of President. Please make every effort to attend. The meeting will occur in Winclaire “A” (2nd floor), Vanier Hall at 4:00 p.m. If you intend to run for position/s but are unable to attend, you may submit a letter stating your intention to accept nomination and oath of office by proxy. No one may vote by proxy: you must be in attendance to vote. 
Eligibility for the office of President is in accordance with the Local’s by-laws: you must have attended 50% of regular general meetings held in the past twelve months. Given that we have held nine meetings in that period, membership attendance sheets (available at the meeting) will reflect a percentage of nine, not twelve. 
As was proposed and accepted by the membership at the November 2013 meeting, the By-Law Committee will post those notices of motion that are submitted at each General Membership meeting here and on our union boards for members to become familiar with prior to their discussion and vote at the next meeting (as per our Local’s by-laws and the CUPE Constitution). Any amended by-laws do not come into affect until such time as they have received approval from the National President.


The proposed By-law amendments have been made with the assistance of the last updated version of CUPE National’s “Model By-Laws” booklet (2010). Many of the proposed amendments will not be significant changes but are aimed at bringing the Local’s by-laws into compliance with the National’s Constitution and its expectations.