CUPE Local 1001 Green Shield Heath Benefits Plan

The Green Shield benefits Plan is available to all Full-time, Part-time, and Retiree members of CUPE Local 1001.
The terms of enrollment are:

Full-time members:

  • coverage paid fully by the University of Windsor.

Part-time members:

  • receive 18% pay-in-lieu of benefits, but also have the option to purchase benefits according to the terms of the Collective Agreement, clause 22:12
  • please note that the latest Collective Agreement now allows Part-time members to choose which individual types of coverage they wish to enroll for instead of having to enroll for all of the provided types.

22:12 For Part Time Members Only

Part-Time Employees who wish to join the Green Shield Benefits Package must agree to the following in order to be eligible:

(1) Employees can enrol each September or on beginning of month after date of hire.
(2) Employees are eligible to enrol in any or all of the individual components of the Green Shield Package.
(3) Annual premium costs must be paid over September to April employment period.
(4) Employee pays entire premium costs.
(5) If laid off in December and not recalled until September of the following year, benefits continue until end of February and employee must pre-pay March to August period and must re-enrol in September to continue coverage.
(6) If terminated in December, benefits will end in December and a refund will be given for the following January and February. (This procedure will be followed after any termination).

The Nov. 18, 2009 memo from the Department of Human Resources laysout the following enrolment costs to Part-time members (costs have increased since):

Single Family
Prescription Drug $ 110.79 $ 276.93
Semi-Private $ 9.87 $ 19.79
Extended Health Services $ 33.89 $ 99.80
Out of Province $ 3.17 $ 6.32
Dental $ 71.73 $ 166.89
Vision $ 10.56 $ 27.39
Total Monthly Benefit Cost $ 240.01 $ 597.12

Additional questions regarding details of payment and coverage, contact the Union office at (519) 253- 3000 ext. 1001.

Retired Full-time members:

  • basic coverage under clause 22:09 and the option to purchase extended Green Shield benefits from the University of Windsor.
  • members eligible and choosing to retire from 55 but prior to age 65 will see full benefits bridging paid by the University up to the age of 65.

***Retirees! While the co-pay has seen a negotiated increase of one dollar ($1.00) for Active members of Local 1001, post-65 retirees do not see the co-pay increase and should not be charged more than the two dollars ($2.00) stated in clause 22:09. However, those members who have retired early under a Voluntary Early Retirement Plan (VERP) of local 1001 (prior to 55, as of the 2013 CA), will see the additional one dollar increase, until they reach the age of 55.



The employer agrees to provide Green Shield Number 3 Prescription Plan coverage at a $2.00 co-pay effective first of month following date of ratification or identical coverage under another plan for all members of the bargaining unit who retire at age sixty-five (65) or older and to pay 100% of the cost of such coverage on behalf of such retired employees.


All members:

Refer to Article 22 of the Collective Agreement for conditions and benefit coverage levels, and to the outline of benefits:

Green Shield Health Benefits Booklet (pdf)

Questions regarding your plan can be directed to either:

Barb Beaulieu
Benefits, Records Pension Administrator
(519) 253-3000, ext. 2049

Or to: Green Shield Canada

Or call the Union office at: (519) 253-3000 ext. 1001 and leave a name, number, and detailed message.

CUPE Local 1001 Group Home and Auto Insurance Plan:

Local 1001 has accepted the offer of a group plan for its membership through RBC Insurance.

Call 1-800 ROYAL 2-9 (1-800-769-2529), make sure to mention that you are a member of CUPE Local 1001 when requesting a quote. Or get your own quote online at: (purchasing online gains you an additional 5% savings!). You may also visit any RBC branch to request a quote or purchase the insurance plan.

The Executive has fliers available in the Union office. Please contact either an Executive Board member or steward, if you would like one.